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Ecstatic Dance & Yoga Retreat


Organised  amaratva yoga , akasha retreat centre  en Ben Chi


10th - 13th of September 2021
In Akasha Retreat Center, Belgium
Are you ready to celebrate life and connect with each other and the Self?
Let’s light the flame of the heart and soul. It is time to unite!

Unity is as well the true meaning of yoga. In this retreat we hold space for you to awaken to the joy of your being through yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, non-violent communication, sacred fire, songs and much more.

The deal of being a life is that joy doesn’t come without pain in life. Therefore we are creating healing transformative moments through movement, silence, dance sharing circles, singing, and more. By embracing and witnessing whatever arises within ourselves, joy and pain, and giving it a voice or movement, we open up to authentic living.

In this retreat the intention is to go beyond any mask or veil and return to who we truly are.

In a relaxed way and safe environment, everything is welcomed, as it is embraced and transformed through an open heart.

It is our intention to hold a safe and open space through various workshops and fusing together yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, sharing circles and more.

The workshops are facilitated and taught by experienced teachers, all in their field.

For more information visit the website of my friends at or Akasha retreat centre


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